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Freeing Mr Lobby

The water is still relatively warm, the air temperature is above zero and the visibility has cleared out. This is the best time to go diving in the Oslo Fjord. It is exactly what we have been doing. Last Sunday we went to our usual spot by the very creative name of big beach (Storsand).

A couple of minutes into my dive I turn around to see Barbora frantically pointing at Mr. Lobby, the resident lobster who usually hides under the rocks, fully out. First I got super excited and started taking LOTS of pictures of him... but then I realized that something was off, I was flashing him like a diva and he wasn't retreating away from light into a nook or cranny. At a closer look, my heart sank, he was tied up in an abandoned fishing line along with some pretty big mussels.

So I took out my shears and attempted to free him. He was stressed and as soon as I got close he grabbed the shears with his claw and wouldn't let go. Barbora gave me her shears too and after a while I freed him and off he scuttled back into his hiding hole.

Freed Mr Lobby

I used to just use my shears to cut cheese and spread humus on my sandwich during the surface intervals, but now, sadly, more and more often I find myself using them during a dive to free animals from trash. There was the turtle in Pantelleria, the dogfish in Scotland, a boat in Lake Baikal that was adrift because its propeller got caught in ghost lines, and now this... I hope at least that Mr. Lobby is happy and well in his hole. We will go check on him soon.

*** Sad update: We went diving here again and again, found Mr. Lobby all tangled up, spent another chunk of the dive freeing him. ***


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