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The Team

Giulia Grimaldi

~ I am BSAC Advanced Instructor

~ I cannot stand the cold but somehow always end up diving in freezing waters…

~ My dream destinations are Antarctica or diving the glaciers in Greenland

~ During my surface intervals I am a lab-based biologist interested in how genes and proteins are regulated. 

~ Originally from Italy but currently based between Italy, Norway and UK. 

Barbora Vagaska

~ I am BSAC Dive Leader

~ Hated diving the first time I tried it in the pool but the possibility of diving with seals and beluga whales convinced me that it is quite exciting

~ Best diving experience: diving with seals in Lundy, UK. 

~ I have a PhD in Stem Cells and currently I am a researcher in the field of neurobiology at the University of Oslo, Norway. 

~ I am from Slovakia. 

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