Oslo fjord dive sites

Diving around Oslo 

Sure, diving in Oslofjord is not as beautiful as in other parts of Norway, but there is many inetersting dive sites that are within half hour drive from the capital and offer many different experiences, from wrecks to scenic dives, lakes and even an underwater sculpture park. Here is a list of some dive sites that can be easily explored from the shore. 

Diving Conditions

  • Water Temperatures: in winter drop to 2-3°C, in summer up to 15°C on surface, below 5m usually around 8-9°C

  • Visibility: Generally best in winter (January-February), in summer first 5m are very poor (about 2m) because of the algae bloom, but clears up at depth (about 10-15m) although it can be quite dark. 

  • Current: most places have very little or no current, the speed can be checked at yr.no (under coastal weather)

  • Type of Bottom: in most places sandy/silty with some rock walls

  • WIldlife: Sandy areas have lots crabs of different species, sea stars, flat fish, in rocky areas it is more varied with anemones, sponges, sea-squirts, fish and lobsters hiding in the cracks. In winter you can find lots nudibranches of different species and sizes. Autumn is very rich in comb jellies. 

Dive Sites

Botnerbaugen, Larkollen


Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°20'46"N  10°39'38"E 

Location: Larkollen 

Depth: up to 30m

Type of bottom: sandy, rock wall/ledges

Interests: shore dive

Description: Scenic dive off a very nice public beach. Swim out about 50m (its just flat sandy bottom) to be in line with the rocky peninsula.  There you can find a rocky wall/ ledges, follow it in westerly direction. At each ledge you find different life, including dead man fingers, anemones (25-30m) and many species if crabs (hermit, edible, spider). 

Botnerbaugen, Larkolle, Divers, Oslofjord, Norway

Drøbak - Helikopterplassen

Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°39'46.41"N, 10°37'32.54"E

Location: Drøbak

Depth: up to 30m

Type of bottom: sandy, rocky wall


Description: Very nice dive site, right next to small marina in Drøbak. There is plenty of parking and public toilets. Enter to the right from the rocky pier. Follow the sandy bottom down to about 20m-30m. There is lots of life, including anemones, sea cucumbers, flat fish. As it is close to marina in summer months its a good idea to have dSMB up. Also do not use the pontoon and ladder on the right belonging to University of Oslo marine station (grumpy people will tell you off).   

anemone .jpg

Siggi V

Drøbak - Pumpehuset


Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°39'33.06"N  10°37'45.40"E

Location: Drøbak

Depth: 5-60m

Current: sometimes a bit of current
Type of bottom: sandy, wall

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive

Description: We did not dive this spot yet, but its very close to the other site in Drøbak, with good parking and very easy access through a shallow bay. It is mean to have a lot of life and especially on boulders in the shallower parts. 


Geir-Finn wreck


Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59 ° 43 '36 "N, 10 ° 43' 50" E

Location: Nesset

Depth: 5-20m

Type of bottom: sandy

Interests: Shore dive, Wreck dive

Description:  This dive site is still on our wishlist. The wreck is located very close to land in Bonnefjorden right of the E6 road. It can be found just below the bridge/bus stop, approximately 5m from the shore. It stands at a depth of 4 to 20 meters and is well intact, the mast apparently used to be visible from shore. 



Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59° 32'43.1952"N, 10°39'24.4836" E

Location: Hulvika

Depth: 5-40m

Type of bottom: sandy

Interests: Shore dive

Description: This site is about 100m from the parking lot, there are toilets and nice hikes along the coast with some nice camping spots. The dive per se is not extremely exciting. Especially within the bay, which is sandy with rocky walls. So it is worth to follow the west wall and go out of the bay as the rocks here have much more life. 

Lion's mane

Knatvoldstranda, Hurum

Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°31'13.94"N, 10°28'25.12"E

Location: Oslofjord

Depth: up to 50m

Type of bottom: sandy slope, some rocks 

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive, 

Description: This dive site is interesting in late October/November when its squid season (usually they stay very deep and only in autumn come shallower to reproduce). You can see some baby squids during a night dive in this place. Other than that it is a sandy bottom slope, with lots of hermit crabs, more life on the rocks on the right side. To get here follow signs for the camping place, you can park next to some huts on the right side of the camping. The road is private and therefore paid. 



Diving Conditions:

GPS: 59°55'3.22"N, 10°52'55.14"E

Location: Oslo

Depth: up to 50m

Type of bottom: silt

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive, freshwater

Description: This is a dive in a lake in the Oslo area, that requires little bit of determination and stamina. The nearest parking is in Lutvannsveien opposite the primary school and from there you need to hike little over 1km to the actual dive site. (There is a bench half way to take a break). The most interesting place is if you enter through a little beach further along the shore of the lake. You can see lots of fallen trees underwater which make the scenery very interesting. There is also fish in the lake but not that easy to spot. 


ProDykk, Fjellstrand

Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°31'13.94"N, 10°28'25.12"E

Location: Fjellstrand

Depth: up to 30m

Type of bottom:  rocks 

Interests: Shore dive, Wreck dives

Description: ProDykk is a dive shop close to Oslo, where you can get fills, buy stuff, with a small cafe and heated changing rooms. There are several wrecks at different depths all reachable from the shore (map is available in the shop). They also have a rib and over the weekends organize trips to other local sites. There are also several training platforms. 

ProDykk shop_edited.jpg
wreck prodykk

Sculpture park - Sjøholmen

Diving Conditions:

GPS:   59°53'29.4"N  10°32'28.6"E

Location: Sandvika

Depth: up to 8m

Type of bottom: silt

Interests: shore dive, underwater sculpture park

Description: Underwater sculpture park installed by Jason Taylor two years ago. Shallow and protected bay, popular for swimming in summer and freezes in winter, which makes it a nice spot for ice-diving. To get to the statues you need to swim out to the platform with a sculpture on it and drop down from there. There are 12 sculptures underwater organized in a circle so they are relatively easy to find. They look little bit creepy since some are suspended and look like drowned people. Fun fact, in summer some swimmers did not know that they were installed there and thought these are actually bodies of some drowned children and called emergency services. There is parking and a cafe/gallery nearby.


Sjøstrand - Vollen

Diving Conditions:

GPS:    59°47'47"N  10°29'54"E

Location: Vollen

Depth: up to 20m

Type of bottom: mud

Interests: shore dive, scenic dive

Description: This site is quite popular for many divers from the Oslo area, especially for training, although we still have not figured out why as it is not very interesting. There is easy access through the sandy bay, slowly sloping down, with only some crabs and starfish to see. There is a wall to the northeast of the pier (some divers jump in directly from the pier) that is meant to be more exciting. There is good parking and heated toilets that are open also in winter. 

hermit crab.jpg

Søndre Spro


Diving Conditions:

GPS:  59°45'15.894"N  10°34'58.0188"E 

Location: Nesodden

Depth: up to 40m

Type of bottom: sandy, rock wall/ledges

Interests: shore dive

Description: Scenic dive off a concrete pontoon. Access in and out of the water via step ladders. At the steps the water is about 3-5m and it very gently shelves until it reaches a small 2m ledge, which then continues to gently slope. If you swim straight out at about 14-17m there is a small wreck. The bottom is silty with big boulders covered in life (anemones, dead man's fingers, etc). This is a very good spot for nudibranchs especially during the peak season (March-May). There are no facilities just parking on the pontoon. Not far after the dive, it is worth going to see Spro mine. 

Sondre Spro
Jellyfish stuck on a dead man's finger


Diving Conditions:

GPS:    59°58'13"N   10°43'37"E

Location: Oslo

Depth: up to 5m

Type of bottom: silt

Interests: shore dive, lake dive

Description: Songsvann is a popular spot for Sunday strolls and swimming in summer. It is very shallow (max depth 5m) with silty bottom and not much to see. Firefighters do their ice diving training here in winter. The only advantage is that it is close and you can take a metro to the dive site. 



Diving Conditions:

GPS:   59°38'35.67"N  10°36'24.46"E

Location: Storsand

Depth: up to 20m

Type of bottom: rocky wall

Interests: shore dive, scenic dive

Description: Very nice dive site, with lots of life. Park at the left side of the little marina and enter through the beach. Continue along the wall to the left. There is plenty of life hiding in the rocks. Lots of fish and squidgy things, resident lobster at 15m. At around 20m there are big boulders sitting in the sand, with one side completely covered in white tunicates. To the right of the beach is sandy slope with lots of crabs etc but not very interesting. Nearby parking lot next to the restaurant has also heated toilets. 

anemone storsand



There are multiple dive shops around Oslo where you can fill tanks or rent equipment including: