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Finnmark, Norway

The extreme northeastern Norway. In Finnmark, you will hear a lot that it is where "East meets West", what you really meet are lots of reindeers. The landscape is very dramatic and has a coastline of 6844 km. The Barents Sea and its king crabs make for attractive dives as the numerous wrecks. 

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Site 1: Kongsfjord


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 70.723827, 29.350019

Location: Veinnes, Ytre Havn

Depth: 4-6m

Currents: Tide independent - you can see the hourly currents here        . 
Type of bottom: Sandy

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive 

Water Temperature: 12°C in August

Visibility: up to ~10m



It is a shallow, sheltered and easy dive. It is a sandy bay and towards the west side there are some rocks covered in sea urchins, barnacles and massive sea cucumbers. Quite a lot of life. You can park right at the entrance of the town across the beach. Facing that bay is also a small art shop.

Dive Sites


Site 2: Magerøya

Diving Conditions:

GPS: 71.110548, 25.828972

Location: Skarsvåg, Nordkapp

Depth: 4-6m

Currents: Tide independent  – you can see the hourly currents here           . 
Type of bottom: Sandy

Interests: Shore dive 

Water Temperature: 12°C in August

Visibility: up to ~10m



It is a shallow, sheltered and easy dive. Locals say that at the entry of the harbor there is a sunken wreck and if you swim out to the right you can see halibut. The bottom is sandy and with lots of saprophytic animals (snails, sea urchins, starfish). The attraction of this site is that it is the closest, easy access to the Barents Sea near Nordkapp, the northernmost point of the European continent. June Kjellsdatter Alsethfrom from Cape Marina was nice enough to let us jump from their pier. They have boats to rent, so if there are a few divers you could take a boat out to perhaps more exciting dive sites.


Siggi V

Site 3: The Wreck of Argus


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 70.092583,25.077117

Location: Hamnbukt, Porsangerfjord

Depth: 10-18m

Currents: Tide independent  – you can see the hourly currents here.               . 
Type of bottom: Silty

Interests: Wreck dive, Shore dive

Water Temperature: 12°C in August

Visibility:  ~10m



A broken up wreck from world war II with the superstructure still visible with quite a few swim-throughs. The Argus had a cargo of ammunitions and on August 12 1943 arrived to Hamnbukt. During the unloading operations a fire was discovered in the last cargo area. The captain of the boat wanted to take the ship into deeper waters and sink it but the local military major wanted to save the cargo and finish unloading. Captain and Major stood on the bridge with their guns pointed when the ship exploded. The exact number of casualties is unknown but the estimates state around 500 people lost their lives. Some people believe that the fire was an act of sabotage. The structure is visible and is full of life. Also king crabs are abundant around the wreck. Follow FV181 to Hamnbukt, at the end of the road there is a small marina, a UN pontoon and two red warehouses. The wreck lies right off the end of the UN pontoon. Enter behind the second warehouse swim out between the cabel (which is marked from land) and the pontoon. After about 5-10 meters at 15m depth you will see the wreck.





We contacted Lakselv Sportsdykker Klub who said that they have a tiny boat for up to three divers. But were very helpful, they also suggested we contact   Alta Dykkerklubb as they are a large club with a bigger boat, however they didn't reply to our messages. 


We were wild camping in the region. However, there are a lot of campsites which have basic huts from 400 kr per night. You can find them along the road and just rock up or google "campsites" in the area where you want to spend the night. 

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