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Trøndelag, Norway

April 2016

Norway is famous for its diving mostly for cold water corals and ocean currents, however when we started planning the trip we didn't expect the diving scene to be so active, organized and accessible. We have visited Trøndelag – the historic centre of Norway.


The Trondheim University Student club was very helpful in suggesting lots of accessible shore dive sites with different depths, interests (wrecks vs. marine life) and distances from Trondheim. We were really sorry that we just had two days to dive and some of the best dive sites are a couple of hours drive from the town. We did one dive within the fjord (first dive site), there the visibility is not that great especially after it has been raining. Initially we couldn't find the dive site beacuse the parking lot is not marked and there were no cars parked. It is more of a layby, so we ended up in the next village and asked at the local bank if they had seen divers in the area and where they go. The lady wasn't too surprised by our enquiry and was very helpful in giving us directions and telling us to be careful. It was raining quite a bit, which always makes kitting up fun and speedy. The dive site was really good but by the time we got to the interesting bit (the wall) our hands were freezing so we had to turn back. We then took the ferry from Flakk to Rorvik, on the other side of the fjord. We were stuck in the Friday afternoon rush hour to get on the boat. Everyone seems to head that direction to spend the weekend in their cottages. The next day, on the way to our divesite we stopped in Afjord to meet with Vidar from the Afjord dive club. He gave us plenty of suggestions on where we could dive that day around Linesøya and was sad he had to work instead of being able to come with us. Before we left he showed us his video of his favorite dive site (Annesteisundet), where he promised to take us the next day. Linesøya has very pretty and photogenic landscapes. The next day we went to Vidar's boathouse and set off for our day of diving. On the way to the dive site he was telling us different stories on diving in the area, the many wrecks and his wreck-hunting efforts. The dives that day were pretty with lots of swimthrough on the first one and during the second one we were kept busy counting the many well camouflauged flat fish. Vidar was trying to apologize for the "poor" viz of... 20m! Which coming from diving in the channel is about eight-ten times more than what we are used to. Two days of diving are definitely not enough and we will surely come back soon for more.

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