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Getting the Rhythm

We have more or less found a rhythm in our catamaran life. Wake up, take our tent down and sort of wash in the lake. have some porridge for breakfast and tea and re-assemble our stuff in the catamaran puzzle, so that things fit and are more or less accessible during the crossings. By the time we wake up to when we set sail it usually takes a good hour. We then sail or rather motor along. The winds so far have been either none or against us so we haven't really put the sails up if not for the camera. Occasionally at around mid morning the wind is too strong and it is too wavey so we take shore for some lunch, a cheeky dive and wait for the wind to die down. This usually happens at about 5pmish so then we sail till sunset. When we again build our tent, have dinner and tea and a home made Russian "apple juice" which is "not strong". If there is no wind we just sail along. Most of our time when we are not sailing revolves around the catamaran puzzle: take stuff off the catamaran, put it back on then take it off again and with this the wellie dance ie. put wellies on, take wellies off, put wellies on, oh dear where a my hiking boots, sh!t The water didnt look that deep and I thought I had wellies.... We still have 50 days to nail it!


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