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Who said divers are faffy...

… clearly didn't meet camera operators! We have been joined by a TV crew from Russia today who are also filming in the area and are filming us. They are really nice and yesterday with them we went to see a shaman who was more a showman. But the actual filming bit is a bit tedious. Half an hour to decide where to put the camera, then they decide the lens is wrong then the light changed then perhaps we shoudl wait for a unicorn to fly by as it would be the perfect shot. Basically any opportunity is a faff opportunity and if it isn't make it so!

Faff aside, it is really interesting to spend some time with them, and they are very enthusiastic and a cool bunch. We are definitely looking forward to seeing their final documentary which should be out at the end of September. For us it is particularly exciting as we are providing them with our underwater footage. :-)


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