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Hipster Vessels

Our catamaran does look a bit like a bouncy castle and definitely looks peculiar. When the lakes gets rough (it occasionally does get wavy!) it feels like travelling on a walnut shell but it is nothing compared to what we saw:

This beats all! A wooden hut with a bunk bed, stove and TV on a float! And a man, despite a tiny engine that he keeps out of the water, paddling from inside! We were dubbing the coast but this guy was cutting across the lake!!! That is ~30km across on this speck on the lake!

The trending vessel that tourists had on the lake was also quite extreme. Two or three inflatable hulls held together by aluminium poles at best but most of the time by wooden sticks covered with wooden planks. No shelter just an engine, lots of fuel, food, and camping gear. We saw one with 8-10 campers and a 2hp engine!


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