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Murphy's Laws stick around

The compressor got fixed in Severobaikalsk, I got used to diving with a jacuzzi under my armpit. Which meant: time for new kit failures!

We lost one of our gloves. It probably flew away when we were drying our gear over the catamaran. With water temperature dropping to 6°C, I had to rig some type of thermal protection for my hand. After trying different more or less stylish and definitely not warm gloves, I settled for a thin magenta fleece glove under a blue latex heavy duty glove. It actually worked surprisingly in keeping my hand warmish. Well, that is until the seals of the outer gloves broke and only if the fleece was dry before wearing it.

One of the three teeth on the pinch clip on the waist strap of the bubbly BCD snapped. It still held but I wasn't sure for how long. Luckily there were lots of useful-bits-of-strings in the catamaran so I tied it with a reef knot hoping that if the clip goes the knot will hold. Luckily both the clip and the knot held! This made my "diving-look" even more dodgy...

But not all kit failures found us unprepared! I was changing tank when I noticed that my inflator hose had a bulge. In other words there was a high chance I would end up in a world of bubbles and my tank would go from full to empty in 30 second. Luckily we did have spares so I quickly changed the hose and safely jumped in the water.

I guess two months of jenga-storing and diving off a tiny catamaran batters your kit regardless on how carefully you store your equipment.


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