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Impressions of a try dive

This is a Guest post written by Oleshya Illina.

The first dive was amazing, thats true! Thank you, Giulia

Before the dive, when Giulia was giving me instructions, in English! I was a bit confused: I had to remember which button is to inflate me and which to deflate. I had the idea that my wrong action will push me into the deep instantly.

All the dive stuff didn't seem so heavy as I expected. The tank, not so comfortable as a good backpack, but it's only before you get into the water. Walking over big wet stones, of course.

When the dive started, it was impossible to make me sink. First I was just floating on surface, with my face in water and with fins moving in the air.

Finally Giulia took a couple of stones from the bottom and managed to sink me. Then it turned like Wow and a totally new world!

Diving was really superintresting for me, it was the first time I could see with details what's going on under the water that we always see from outside. The algae growing, the molluscs faffing, and small sculpins you can touch with a finger, they are not scared. And a blue-green water, if you look forward.

I knew that for Barbora and Giulia it's just a "boring sandy shallow water with low visibility", nevermind, I liked it!

The moving with fins was also easy, it was like flying.

And coming back to our world wasn't so easy. I ate ALL the food I found on the camping table, and I was sleepy until the evening.

To summarize: the diving for me: great challenge to start 1st, relaxing flight in a new world 2nd, and a painful welcome back to our reality.


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