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A sturgeon tasting my drysuit

My new workplace is in West Yorkshire, UK. I still have not found a club but met up with a friend who had Capernwray on his bucket list of dive sites. If you have never heard of Capernwray don’t think to rush to google and check it out to see if it will be your new entry in your bucket list. Most likely it won’t. It is a large a large flooded former quarry which now acts as an inland diving centre. Meaning it has basic facilities (car park, air fills, shop, toilets, changing room, etc) and they sunk various attractions in the lake for divers. Yes, I was not exactly thrilled to go there but my friend had shot down all my other certainly more exciting options (including one which required abseiling your kit down). But he was keen to go because there are lots of sturgeon which are used to divers and I am happy in any puddle. So we went. The highlight of the two dives was when we spent 15 minutes in 4m of water playing with the sturgeon. They were very intrigued by us and one even came to check me out. It kept on coming to me and feeling and smelling my arm with its barbels (fish whiskers). It decided I was not edible after all and continued its search for better meals in the sand next to me.

Disclaimer: I didn't have my camera with me as my kit is currently dislocated across 3 cities with none of them being where I work! Hence the borrowed images from the web!

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