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Senja, Norway

Senja is a large island in central Troms area with stunning scenery, sandy beaches and blue water making it look almost tropical. This location, although rarely dived, is famous for good conditions and visibility. Most known dives are from a boat but we explored the option of diving from land.

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Site 1: Skaland

Diving Conditions:

GPS: 69.442670, 17.309958

Location: Skaland

Depth: 4-20m

Currents: Tide independent – you can see the hourly currents here
Type of bottom: Sandy

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive 

Water Temperature: 12°C in August

Visibility: up to ~10m


Description: Enter next to one of the pontoons. Initially there is a rocky bottom with a lot of life, as you continue swimming out the bottom changes to sandy. However, this too has a lot of life: hermit crabs, sand gobies, scallops, etc. If you continue swimming out further along you will reach a set of boulders covered in some kelp. Here you encounter different species.

Dive Sites


Site 2: Tungeneset

Diving Conditions:

GPS: 69.489713, 17.332086

Location: Tungeneset

Depth: 10m

Currents: Tide independent  – you can see the hourly currents here).                  . 
Type of bottom: Coarse sand

Interests: Shore dive 

Water Temperature: 12°C in August

Visibility: up to ~15m


Description: It is a shallow, sheltered and easy dive with beautiful kelp forest growing off the boulders. Park at the Tungeneset tourist attraction along the Senja Scenic route. Walk down to the water’s edge on the left, being careful when entering as the rocks are covered in barnacles and are slippery. 


Siggi V




We were self-sufficient on this trip but you can probably fill tanks and rent equipment from the tourist resort in Hamn i Senja.

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