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Galveston, Texas

June 2014

Offshore rigs are quite frankly ugly but underwater they are amazing artificial reefs. Decommissioned oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico make for great dive sites! 

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GA393 oilrig.jpg

Dive Site


Oil Rid GA393B


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 28°36'46"N 95°09'59"W

Location: about 17 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexico


Depth: 30m 

Currents: Tide dependent 
Type of bottom: Sand

Interests: Oil rig artificial reef 

Water Temperature: 30°C all year round

Visibility: up to 20m


Description: Decommissioned oil rig which attracts a lot of wildlife especially batfish. There is a large broken tubular shaft close to the bottom that moves with the water, which you can hear thumping on the rig once you get close.

School of Batfish.jpg
Fish eating on seaweed.jpg


Dive Boat:

I went with  Capt. Al from Ultra Dive Texas (tel. +1 281-469-2846; email: Rather expensive, it was $200 for two dives (plus tips). 

The diving itself was very good, however the service on the boat could be better. There were some people renting BCDs and were given a horsecollar BCD! Also, we were dropped off downstream of strong currents so had to swim against it to get to the rig. 

Siggi V

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