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Tromsø, Norway

Map of Norway

Site 1: MF RYA ferry 


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 69º 39.853 N, 19º 0.521 E

Location: Sauestad, eastern side of the Tromsø island 

Depth: 21m

Currents:  There might be some current running between the island and  the mainlands so check the tides before diving
Type of bottom: sandy

Interests: wreck dive, boat dive 

Water Temperature: 8°C in late June

Visibility: about 5m 

Description: It is about 10-15 min RIB ride from the marina on the eastern side of the island. The wreck is quite small and does not have a permanent marker buoy, so it can be quite tricky to shot based only on GPS and depth sounder. This wreck of the ferry that used to connect Tromsø and mainland before the bridges is lying at 20m. Although quite broken up, part of the superstructure is still visible and it is harbouring lots of life. It is completely covered in squidgy things, including hydroids, sea cucumbers, starfish and nudibranchs and comb jellies. There is also plenty of cod swimming around. 

Dive Sites

MF RYA ferry
MF RYA ferry

Site 2: Grøtfjord

Diving Conditions:

GPS: 69º 44.777 N, 18º 28.640 E

Location: Grøtfjord, Kvaløya

Depth: 20m

Currents: Tide independent
Type of bottom: Sandy with big boulders

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive

Water Temperature: 5°C in late June. 

Visibility: Up to ~15m 

Description: Car can be parked on a small layby on the road Rv57, access to the dive site is down a small but quite steep path. There are big boulders at the entry and exit so it might require little bit of scrambling on rocks to get in water, especially at low tide. The dive follows an underwater ridge that is L shaped towards the centre of the fjord and descending to ~20m. There you can find big boulders completely covered in anemones of different colours. In the shallower parts you can see corals with lots of brittle stars, feeding barnacles, hermit crabs. Lots of chunky comb jellies and big lion manes jellyfish floating mid-water. It is a very scenic dive with lots of life to see. 


Siggi V

Site 3: Kvitbergan


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 69°33'45.5"N 18°36'12.6"E

Location: Kvitbergan, Kvaløya

Depth: 5-40m

Current: strong current, needs to be dived at HW or LW
Type of bottom: Sandy slope with kelp forest

Interests: Scenic dive, shore dive

Water Temperature: 6°C in late June 

Visibility: ~5-8m 


Description: Small path (~80m) from the big dirt lay-by to the shore. Because of currents this dive needs to be done either at low or high water. At high water it is more comfortable as you don't need to walk over the pebbles covered with slippery seaweed. Gentle sandy slope slowly descending and covered with kelp. Lots of fish, we saw two big schools of haddock and one big wolffish resting in the sand. Also many big sea cucumbers, some shells and tiny hermit crabs in the shallows. Very nice dive with different scenery than the previous spots.  





We went diving with TUK -Tromsø Undervannsklub

Leif Andresens veg 26

9020 Tromsdalen



Very friendly and active club. They have a nice clubhouse, compressor and a their own RIB. 

We rented tanks and weights from:


Summer Road 5


Phone: +47 419796
Facebook: ishavsdykk

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