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The Expedition

In summer 2016, we spent about 8 weeks in Lake Baikal travelling in an inflatable catamaran "Bombat" alongside the Russian Sailing Expedition. We set off to sail and SCUBA dive around the entire circumference of the lake to investigate and report on the environmental crisis of the lake in hope to raise awareness on this issue. 

Catamaran Bombat

Coasts of Russia Sail Team

For the Sacred Sea Expedition we joined forces and hitched a ride with the Narval Sail Team from Moscow on their expedition to Lake Baikal which is part of a larger project called Coasts of Russia (Верега Русии). Their team plans to sail and document the coasts of Russia from Crimea to the Far East. Every year they go on a new sailing tour - with their favourite spot being the White Sea. 



skipper, biologist

Mikhail Kasatkin

technical manager, catamaran designer

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To follow the Coasts of Russia Project:


We started from Irkutsk along the Angara river to Baikal and then covered approximately 30-40km per day sailing 6-12 hours. In some places we stayed multiple days to dive, film or simply just to wait for the winds and weather to be in our favour. Towards the end  of summer the risk of our visas expiring  and weather not cooperating was very high, therefore we did not manage to sail the whole circumference of Baikal as we have set out to do.  However, we were able to finish diving around the circumference by driving to the sites as the last stretch along the south east coast is close to civilisation.

Expedition Output


of sailing on Bombat, the inflatable catamaran, along the shores of Baikal. 


We did in total 22 dives in Baikal in water ranging from 4 to 16°C.  


collected: 32 surface water, 8 water samples at depth and 8 sediment samples for counting microplastic particles. 


of expedition on Bombat with many happy days but also countless miserable ones. 


Baikal Blues, produced by Russia Today, featuring our expedition and underwater footage.


learned and invented for any vegetarians wild camping in Siberia were fresh food is limited.  

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