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We are grateful to all our sponsors of past, present and future expeditions for all their help and support.

If you think you can help us in our future projects or in any other way, please do get in touch!!

Special thanks to all the awesome people who supported us through our crowdfunding page

Powertraveller Ltd specialises in the design, development and manufacture of portable power products.

They will kindly donate a solar powered portable chargers. This will allow us to charge our filming equipment and diving torches even in the most remote areas, away from electricity.  

Ruth Beaver

Anton Stefanek

Rosemary Beaver

Ally Cott

Nonna Amalietta

Zia Anna

Zia Lina

Tyler Roschuk

Judith Seidel

Divecenter SVAL

The Divecenter SVAL are a technical and Poseidon rebreather dive center in Irkutsk.


They will kindly provide us with tanks and a portable compressor to take on the catamarans. This will allow us to fill our tanks even in the most remote areas.  

Our Sponsors

Nonna Ofelia

Kathryn Sizer

Silvia Sposini

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