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Klaretjern, Halden, Norway

Klaretjern is a small lake in Aremark, close to the Swedish border famous for its very clear and turquoise blue water. Very popular site not just for divers, but also freedivers and tourists. Underwater you can see a moonlike landscape of stone walls and fallen trees with a very eerie atmosphere.


Map of Norway

Dive Site


Diving Conditions:

GPS: 59.139282, 11.652419

Location: Klaretjern, Halden, Aremark

Depth: up to 40m

Currents: Tide independent
Type of bottom: Rocks

Interests: Shore dive, wall dive, fallen trees

Water Temperature: multiple thermoclines, temperatures ranging from 6°C at 20m to 14°C  at the surface in mid-July

Visibility: about 20m, but it can be up to 30-40m depending on conditions

Description: Klaretjern is located about 1,5hrs drive from Oslo close to the border with Sweden. Follow road 106 branching off road 21 for about 1.8km to reach a small parking area on the left side. To reach the lake you have to cross the road and walk for about 100m. You can access water easily directly from this spot. There is a shallow ledge (5-6m) which then steeply drops down almost as a wall. If you follow the wall to the right the landscape is more dramatic with multiple ledges. The more interesting area is on the left side of the entry point, with a more gentle slope and fallen trees underwater. The intact trees with upturned roots and leaves are the main attraction of this site. There is no life in the lake, but the scenery is very impressive.



There are no facilities at the dive site. 

However, it is a very nice spot for camping if you would like to stay overnight.

Closest dive shop is in Halden, about 20km away, but this shop is not open on weekends:

Halden Dykkersenter

Lundestad Road 2

1789 Berg i Østfold


If you are coming from Oslo, you can stop at Dykkerhuset near Moss, it is just a small detour from the E6:

Dykkerhuset (open on Saturday)

Ryggeveien 157
1570 Dilling

+47 472 36 058

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