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Klaretjern, Halden, Norway

July, 2017

We decided to keep to the theme of diving places whose names are adjectives that describe visibility. Last time it was Grøtfjord (porridge fjord) and this time it would be Klaretjern (clear tarn). 


Klaretjern is a small but deep lake about an hour and a half drive from Oslo close to the Swedish border. It is partially fed by ground-water and is almost sterile giving it a crystal clear blue color and amazing visibility. Also, because there are no microorganisms the trees which have fallen in the lake over the years remain preserved with leaves still attached. 

We had planned to dive to 30m but the numerous thermoclines making the water temperature plummet from a toasty 14°C to 6°C and the dullness of that spot made us quickly turn back and up to around 10m. The landscape quickly changed from a light Caribbean blue to a spooky greenish brownish post-apocalyptic scenery. The fallen trees partially covered in a thin layer of silt and their intricate roots formed sinister patterns. 

We spent over an hour underwater and were sad that we didn't have air for another dive. But our mood was quickly lifted up again by spicy Shin Ramyon cooked with Klaretjern water on our brand new camping stove!

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