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Half way through our expedition we have optimized our cloth washing techniques. Granted, it is an activity we should probably engage more into given the smokey aroma they release and the smudgy patterns which now decorate our garments. But these hacks have definitely increased our laundry frequency! The first method we picked up from Misha. It works well when you just have one or two items to wash: tie the clothes with a bit of rope from the catamaran and if it is parked, ideally you want to this this when there are a bit of waves to get the tumble effect. You can also do it while the catamaran is moving but here you need to turn the clothes around so that all sides get cleaned unless you weigh them down which some stones. The second method is more of a production line and only works from stone or pebble beaches with small waves. Soap a bit your clothes then put them under a stone. Socks work particularly well as you can fill them with rocks, so they don't float away. While you go on to soap the other things, they get scrubbed on the rocks and rinsed! Only downside is that you might find some annoying pebbles in your socks after!

Tumble drier :)


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