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Conkers Bonkers Soap

My last attempt at what is now called zero-waste ecofriendly detergent (and is super trendy as opposed to out right weird like it was back in the days I posted something similar) was making shampoo out of ashes. Three years on I might have a better solution: conkers! Indeed, this works best in the fall when there are actually conkers and perhaps in parks as I have rarely seen them in the woods. So perhaps for a microadventure? Or instead of going to the launderette next time you can go on a clothwashing microadventure as conker detergent is also excellent for clothes.

Enough waffle here is the protocol:

1. Collect conkers

2. Bash, grind or cut them up. The finer they are the quicker they will release the saponins (what actually makes them function as soap). Whilst camping the most practical option is cutting them with a camping knife in 4 parts.

3. If you are not going to use them immediately then you can dry them and store them dried and just use them as needed.

4. Pour boiling water over them and leave it to soak. Time depends on how small you chopped them and how many conkers you have (the more and smaller the less you need to soak). Usually 30 minutes to overnight...

5. You should eventually get a white cloudy liquid.

6. Strain or remove the chuncks of conkers and use the liquid as soap either for hair, clothes or bodywash.

It is non allergic, eco friendly, non perfumes. So also great to use in the wild in rivers etc as it is non-pollutant.


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