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Russian Outdoor Hacks

Our stove was Misha's and Olesya's pride. A real camplife hack which made other travellers and locals envious. They designed and made it themselves. It is using minimum amount of wood and is super efficient in directing the heat. It is really comfortable for making contained open fires and cooking as you can comfortably put a pan, teapot or a big cooking pot on top of it while adding new logs and branches from the side and controlling the amount of air entering/speed of burning by opening/closing the smaller holes at the bottom with rocks. They apparently designed also an oven for baking cakes but they didn't bring it on this expedition as they thought that non one would use it!!!!

Above is a picture of a deluxe version of a camping stove used by local fishermen to grill their fish after their catch. A disused gas kitchen stove with oven where they put wood on the bottom part and use the ex-oven to bake the fish or cook in! Genius idea!


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