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Cooking and Camping

Being a vegetarian in Russian is not easy. Along the way we have tried, developed and picked up some recipes which made us very happy after a long day of sailing and diving. These might seem like glamping recipes but there is only so much dried soya meat and split peas with the all-the-spices-and-herbs-I-found-in-my-kitchen-and-mix-it-in-a-bottle seasoning (aka all-spices) that you can handle. Hence, our decision to have a category with recipes. Plus isn't cooking what all cool women's blog need to be about? :p Soya Meat and Split Peas

Ingredients: Split peas Soya meat All-spices Salt

Protocol: Soak the split peas for a couple of hours. An empty plastic bottle is usually a good vessel but make sure to only fill it to about a third! Boil them in some salt. In a separate pan boil the soya meat and add the all spices, a tad of mustard and a dash of soya sauce turns it into a glamping recipe. Serve the split peas with the soya meat, you can either mix it in or have it as a side.


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