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Oatmeal Porridge

Is a staple for breakfasts on our expedition, as it fills you up for long time and its a great source of proteins for vegetarians.


Must haves:


dried milk (condensed milk in can for the glamping version)

sugar or honey

pinch of salt

Nice to haves: (flavorings)


dried raisins or apricots


fruit jam


Prepare milk from dried milk by dissolving it in cold water (doesn't work in hot water as it clumps up), then bring to boil. Add oats (approximately 1:2 ratio to the milk to get nice porridgy consistency), with a pinch of salt and little bit of sugar or honey. Add a dash of cinnamon and dried fruits, if available, and boil on low flame (ideally as the camp fire is dying out) for about 2 min, then cover and let it stand for another 5-10min. You can sprinkle nuts or put some jam on top for extra crunch or flavour.


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