A nice excuse to hog the fire to dry off and warm up a bit.


Must haves:





plus one or two extra ingredients for the flavouring we used: lemon once and another time dried mushrooms and a "cheese" which lives out of the fridge and tastes of plastic.

Nice to haves:

onion or garlic

Glamping additions:

white wine

parmesan cheese


Heat the oil over the fire, if you have onion or garlic fry those, then add the rice and lightly cook it (here if you have white wine add it) add a bit of water and stir. Once that has absorbed add a bit more and continue doing so until the rice is cooked. Depending on how long your extra ingredient takes to cook, add it appropriately.

Sprinkle with parmesan cheese if you are glamping or mix in the plastic cheese cut into cubes for added creaminess.

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