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Pasta and dried aubergines-tomato sauce


Must haves:

Pasta (preferably short as it fits better in the small camping pots)

Dried aubergines (see our blog on drying vegetables for cooking)

Tomato paste

Parmesan cheese (Parmesan survives storage at room temperatures very well and adds a lot of flavour even in small amounts)

Nice to haves:

Garlic and chilli

Salted herbs (basil)

Capers (salted, Italian style)


Dried aubergines taste actually very nice when reconstituted and cooked. They are not too chewy but give a lot of flavour. To decrease the time of cooking we recommend to pre-soak them with water during the day for couple of hours.

If you have chilli and garlic fry them first with little bit of oil, then add tomato paste and dilute with water. Add aubergines, capers and basil, boil for couple of minutes.

Pour over prepared pasta, and mix in some grated parmesan.

This pasta sauce also works really well with dried red peppers instead of aubergines.


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