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Usual dive spot seen through different eyes

A new job, a good dose of laziness and a pandemic to blame meant that 2021 was a year of relative few dives and very little diving in new spots. Mostly, it was just heading to Storsand. On one of these occasions I was joined by Dana Ransby and family that were back for more Norwegian dives this year. Read about their trip last year here.

By now she had seen some of the top dive sites along the western coast of the country so the pressure was high to take her somewhere cool. I opted for the safe, Storsand with its rich and varied life. What makes this dive so exciting is that you have very different seascapes and therefore sealife within a dive.

We had two fantastic dives with so much to see: catshark, lobster, crab, squidgy things, pipe fish and schools of cod.

As it has been my usual spot for 4 years, it is always a pleasant and enjoyable dive but it is easy to give it for granted and come out of a fantastic dive shrugging it as "yeah it was alright". Dana's enthusiasm and excitement which could be felt even underwater helped me put it back in perspective and come out saying yeah it was a fantastic dive.


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Dana R
Dana R
Jun 27, 2022

It was a fantastic dive :)Thanks for showing me your favorite dive spot!

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